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11 Lessons Wakanda Taught Me

by Anita M. Tillman 

Like so many, I have watched the movie Black Panther and feel so inspired.  Wakanda is such a beautiful society! Who knew that so many life lessons could be packed into a comic book movie? Here are some of my takeaways (not in any particular order):

1. My assignment might lead me in different directions from those I love, but separation doesn't mean that we must become enemies.  2. When I operate in my authority and know who I am, I can stand before a raging beast with no fear. 3. Precious resources are hidden among the least of us. Never discount the people around me because they don't appear to have anything to contribute. 4. Everything I need, I already have. 5. Surround myself with wise counselors who can be trusted to tell me the truth. 6. Everyone is not born to be king. Some people are born to tend the garden that grows the plants that give the king power. I must know my role and execute it with honor and excellence, knowing that my part is important to the survival of my society. 7. If I have not prepared my children to succeed at life without me, then I have failed. 8. If I spend my energy encouraging and supporting my sister's gifts and not mocking her shortcomings, she can stand beside me in battle and we can both win. 9. My power does not start with what is seen on the outside. It starts inside and I get to choose how and when to display it. 10. I can't step into my future until I reconcile my past with my present. 

11. I can't live in the light of Wakanda if I still live in the darkness of Willie Lynch.

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