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Social Media = Social Engineering

(Image from Your Social Move.)

I've come to the conclusion that we are being socially engineered by social media. It tells us what to be angry about, what to protest, what to pray for, what to eat, who likes us, who can be trusted, who to be suspicious of, who to date, who not to marry, how to discipline our children, where to spend our money and who to listen to. Instead of promoting community, it does the opposite - it's isolating, lonely, insecure, self-doubting, and petty. It trains us not to talk to each other and if you don't think like me, I can just block you. It suggests my friends, it allows me to eavesdrop on other conversations, it gives me enough access to prejudge you before I attempt to get to know you.

Tell me how we can progress as a society with independent, free-thought when we are being wired to be dependent, group thinkers, often with a mob mentality?

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