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Float Loaders


If you are fortunate enough to ride in a Mardi Gras parade, then you may know how the hassle of loading your float cuts into the time you have to really let the good times roll.  Float Loaders will make sure you get that fun time back by:

  • Picking up your throw bags from a designated location

  • Delivering them to your float

  • Loading them in your pre-marked position; and

  • Making your parade experience fun and trouble-free!

Why waste your day dragging throws from place to place when you could have your own team doing the work while you live it up?! 


How can I get my very own Float Loader? 


We offer two services:

Standard Service ($100): You will be able to drop your bags off at our designated Float Loader location and we will transport them to the float and load them. 


Concierge Service ($150): You can opt to have door-to-door pickup directly from your home, storage, or other location.  We will dispatch our Float Loaders directly to your door and your bags will be there waiting when you board your float for an epic ride.

Of course I want in!  How do I sign up?

  • Start by filling out the reservation form below

  • A $50 deposit is required to immediately activate our Customer Experience Krewe to begin the process of scheduling a Float Loader for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your name must be listed in the 'Referred By' box at the time the form is submitted.  When each referred person's balance is paid in full, a $5 referral fee will be credited to your account!  10 friends could earn you 50% off the Standard Service!

You must have a reservation and deposit on file with us in order to be eligible for the referral credit. Limit 30 referrals.

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