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AMCorp International, a Louisiana-based strategic advisory, communications, and project management firm focused on Service, Strategy, and Sustainability. AMCorp drives repositioning initiatives for public and private organizations as well as local governments.


AMCorp International is a strategic communications firm founded by Anita M. Tillman. Her background as an engineer, paired with experience leading strategic initiatives and expertise in technical communications, governmental affairs, and outreach led to AMCorp’s founding in 2017.


Today, AMCorp operates as a boutique agency offering services that include strategic planning, community outreach and engagement, strategic marketing planning, print and social media development.  


AMCorp enables public and private agencies to effectively reach their audiences by clearing the lines of communication and ensuring the message is not lost in translation.

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Anita M. Tillman is the chairwoman of Nexus Louisiana, one of the South’s premier business incubators. NexusLA’s mission is to accelerate the growth of high-potential technology-enabled companies by providing them with coaching, capital, and connections. Their programs leverage regional collaboration to foster mentorship, investment, and opportunity for local entrepreneurs to grow their ideas and transform the technology industry in Louisiana.


Anita is a former engineer and life-long problem solver who specializes in reverse-engineering problems to identify, develop, and implement actionable plans, equitable policies, and strategic messages for elected officials and state and local government agencies and related associations. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering as a cum laude graduate of Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In 2010, Anita began working in state government as an Executive Director appointee of the Louisiana Lt. Governor. Over the next five years, her penchant for policy development and project management led to a role as a policy subject matter expert on one of Louisiana’s federally funded disaster housing programs. She also served as Policy and Governmental Affairs Director for the Louisiana Housing Corporation where she established the Reporting and Governmental Affairs Departments, implemented dashboard reporting methods, and drafted the Corporation’s first operational plan. Under her leadership, the corporation began to make data and information more easily accessible, improved customer service in the Information Technology department, and provided annual reports on corporate activities and accomplishments.

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