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About AMCorp

We focus on making sure your narrative is crystal clear. We don't attempt to do everything, we master one thing - making sure your message is understood and remembered. We ensure your identity, your mission, and your vision are communicated consistently and powerfully, both internally and externally. Our specialty? Simplifying complex messages into compelling narratives that inspire, connect, and drive growth. We're not just consultants, we're your Guided Progress System - from chaos to calm, propelling your success story.

Our Why

Founded by Anita Tillman, AMCorp was born out of a deep-rooted desire to empower leaders and organizations to find their unique voices in an increasingly crowded and chaotic world. Anita, a former engineer and seasoned expert in problem-solving and technical communications, realized that the most successful entities were those that could articulate their vision, values, and mission with exceptional clarity - a trait often missing in many leaders and organizations. She saw the struggle and confusion experienced by these individuals and organizations as they grappled to convey their essence and make an impact.

With a vision to change this narrative, Anita created AMCorp, a Strategic Narrative Consultancy that serves as a beacon guiding leaders and organizations through the tumultuous seas of communication challenges. At its core, AMCorp is deeply committed to making the process of finding and articulating one's identity not only easier but also rewarding.

AMCorp's story is a testament to the power of clear, compelling narratives. The transformation we bring about in our clients' communication journeys is a reflection of our own journey - one marked by passion, persistence, and a profound desire to bring clarity amidst chaos. Just as our Guided Progress System charts a clear path for our clients, our own story underscores our commitment to being the reliable compass that guides leaders and organizations to their desired destinations.

At AMCorp, we stand by the philosophy that a strong, coherent narrative is the cornerstone of impactful leadership and organizational success. Our story, like the narratives we help shape, is one of purpose, progress, and the relentless pursuit of impactful communication.

Meet The Team

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Charlotte Smith, PhD.

Sr. Communications Consultant


Howse, MBA, M.S., B.A.

Sr. Consultant for Innovation & Strategic Initiatives

Lynsi Photo.jpeg

Lynsi Williams

Executive Assistant & Staff Writer

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