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AMcorp's Founder and CEO, Anita M. Tillman, is energetic, courageous, and knows how to get results. Over the years, she has developed an excellent work ethic and an engaging communication style.  As a former engineer and life-long problem solver, Anita has provided her expertise in a number of industries and has often been referred to as "the fixer." 

As Director of Policy, Reporting & Governmental Affairs for the Louisiana Housing Corporation, she established the Reporting and Governmental Affairs Departments, implemented dashboard reporting methods, and drafted the Corporation’s first operational plan.  In 2014, she was instrumental in helping the Corporation to retain $2M in unrestricted funds targeted for legislative sweeps.  Tillman’s duties included analyzing proposed state and federal legislation for impact on existing policies, programs and initiatives and coordinating legislative engagement activities and community outreach.  Under her leadership, the corporation began to make data and information more easily accessible and performed the data analysis and drafted the corporation's first annual reports on corporate activities and accomplishments.

She has served as a subject matter expert and has written policy for federally-funded housing programs, including a disaster recovery toolkit for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Her expertise led to the creation and implementation of policies and recommendations, and the production of technical communications in compliance with Small Rental Property Program regulations and federal Community Development Block Grant Program requirements. 

Above all, she has a heart to help others and be of service.  Anita believes that she has been blessed with many gifts so that she may be a blessing to others.


AMcorp recognizes that while it’s important to utilize technology to communicate to larger audiences, it is equally as important that the message is not lost in translation.  Communication can only be successful if the message is clear and the receiver understands.

AMcorp's core belief is that life is in continual motion, but the direction is up to the individual.  Successful people and organizations are in a constant state of transition, not afraid to reinvent themselves and redefine their direction.  Every journey requires a map.  AMCorp approaches planning from a gps perspective - constantly assessing our clients current position, desired destination, and obstacles on the road ahead.